Know Why. Know How

Knowing what nutrient dense food really is; how it works in your body; what the best fats to use are; which equipment to use; why you should cook from scratch and why learning how to organise yourself so you can actually incorporate this knowledge into your everyday life, all matter before you even get to a recipe!

Foundation classes explore these core wholefood principles (and many more), giving you the nourishing foundations and skills you need for wholesome and healthy eating from the inside out and the ground up.


Revive. Restore. Reset.

Get started with these five core wholefood principles that will transform your life. Learn how to build a strong food culture and why it’s so important; navigate the organic vs conventional shopping jungle (including animal products) with confidence; the best way to source the food you eat; how to reduce your food costs; start to build your wholefood pantry; know how food works in your body and the best fuel sources, and turn it all into nutrient dense and delicious meals. Plus so much more!

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Get Organised 

Incorporate five more core wholefood principles into your week. This class is your real life master plan for being deliciously well nourished, even on the busiest of days. Walk a sustainable path; eat seasonally and locally; prepare food that is digestible and delicious; learn to thrive rather than simply survive.


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Practical Magic

Your essential guide to the equipment that counts in the wholefood kitchen. Chopping, stirring, mixing and cooking are all so much easier when you have the right tool for the job. Find out which equipment is best to buy; understand how heat transfers, and how to use it and much more. 


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Gain the knowledge and skills to make wholesome and healthy 100% natural YUM! How to use ancient nourishing traditions to understand the anatomy of taste; which ingredients work best together; powerful techniques to build great flavour; how to balance flavour for delicious end results. 

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Nourishing Young Children

Beginning with baby's first solids at 6 months to substantial meals and snacks for 7 year olds, learn how to nourish ...

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Homemade Pantry

Kitchen and pantry staples you can stop buying and start making. Save money and know what's in the food you eat.

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Masterclass Collection Baking 101

The know how and skills you need for using whole and semi-refined baking ingredients for delicious results. 

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Masterclass Collection for Omnivores

The know how and skills you need to be a deliciously well nourished ominivore.   

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Masterclass Collection for Vegans

Paying particular attention to plant based protein we take an in-depth look at building a vegan diet that is as balan...

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Masterclass Collection for Vegetarians

Learn the foundations of plant-based nutrition, the know how and skills you need to eat a well balanced, nourishing a...

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