Revive. Restore. Reset 


Transform your life from the ground up and the inside out with five core wholefood principles



Make this your year to get healthy eating back on track

I know you want to nourish yourself and those you love with nutrient-dense, wholesome and delicious food and walk lightly on the earth. But I also know how confusing and overwhelming that can be! I’ve been walking and living a wholefood life, and writing and teaching about it for over 25 years now.  I’ve simplified what really counts and makes a difference down to just five core wholefood principles in this self-paced class.

Revive. Restore. Reset will ground you and set you on the path to a lifetime of deeply nourishing, delicious and sustainable eating. It's not as hard, complicated nor as expensive as you think. 



We will REVIVE the nourishing traditions that served previous generations so well. Knowing why helps us to make informed decisions. 


We will RESTORE the know-how to translate those nourishing wisdoms into nutrient-dense delicious meals to heal, nourish and delight.


We will RESET our destination and take small, graded and conscious steps to get there. 



The best ways to build a strong food culture and why it’s so important

How to navigate a path through the maze of conflicting 'healthy eating' messages out there 

Feel good about the food you eat, without the fear, guilt and stress

The best way to source the food you eat, and to navigate the organic vs conventional shopping jungle (including animal products) with confidence

How to buy organic and reduce your food costs

How to identify ethically raised meat, eggs and fish, and why it matters

What conventional vegetables never to buy (and it’s not the Dirty Dozen list from the USA!)

Know the nitty gritty about why so many commercial food staples are bad for you, and better still how to make your own food staples from scratch eg custard, gravy and pastry!

How to build your wholefood pantry with ingredients that count without spending a fortune on something you may ever use again! 

How food works in your body and the best fuel sources

How to build a nutrient dense meal, and why eating meals is preferable to snacking

and how to translate all this into nutrient-dense delicious meals!

Oh, and did I say we're cooking from scratch?

Come into the kitchen with me and discover close up how to cook from scratch, with access to high quality, in-depth cooking videos.

We're cooking Ghee, Real Oat Porridge, Classic Custard, Roast Chicken, Gravy, Roast Vegetables and we're also jointing a chicken. I'm going to show you how to do them right (the know-how) and tell you why (the know-why) so you end up with delicious and deeply nourishing results.


Revive. Restore. Reset


Start today and get a headstart on the class, then you can jump on-board for the next live round*


Inclusive of GST for Australian Residents


* In live rounds of Revive. Restore. Reset you have me on tap for support and answer any questions you might have. In the live webinars we explore topics even deeper, which helps to give you a better understanding of the broader and bigger picture. I love questions—it means you are hungry to learn—and I'll happily answer them in the webinars and in our members only Facebook group. I'll let you know when a live round is coming up, with the option of buying an upgrade at a special price.

What's Included

Cook With Me

Come into the kitchen with me as I cook 9 foundational recipes from scratch, step by step, showing you the little tips and tricks that make a huge difference. 

Resources and Tools

Comprehensive notes and handy reference guides:  Build a Whole & Natural Food PantryWhat Parts of the Plant Can I Eat? , Food as Fuel, Recipes. 


Make new friends and connections, support each other as you progress through the class on our much loved, super easy to use and well received class platform.

Accessible 24/7

With lifetime access, login to your class whenever it suits you, from anywhere in the world and work at your own pace.



Great changes are easier than you think. Get back on track and reset your destination today.



"I need to tell you what profound effect you have had on our family. Not only have you brought deliciousness into our home and more joy, you have taken away the fear of food. This last one is particularly important. I have been doing a lot of my own self-study the past few years: reading books, textbooks, listening to podcasts etc about nutrition and food. I had become so fearful of eating. Judging everything I put into my mouth, so much was bad for me and my family. According to these experts, I had to source weird and wonderful foods from the far reaches of the globe in order to be healthy. I was exhausted and all I really wanted was a delicious lasagne (a big no-no full of the bad stuff lol). Anyway, after I found you everything started falling into place. As a society, we are no longer healthy. We are missing something and it's not about finding the magic fruit from the jungles of Borneo or cutting our dairy "

Lauren Elyan
Revive. Restore. Reset 2018

"Thanks, Jude, for this wonderful, informative course! I came into this course feeling confused about what I should or shouldn't eat due to the many 'health' messages out there. From the first lesson when you explained your food philosophy, I felt the stress of what to eat gradually start to lift and I finally realised that food in its natural state and prepared from scratch is not to be feared. Your food philosophy and food culture resonates with me greatly. Now that I have finished this course, I am going to re-learn the enjoyment of eating food instead of worrying whether or not I should be eating it! I'm going to start cooking more from scratch and I will try some of your recipes which sound simply delicious. I can't wait for your other courses. I plan to do every one them!"

Maree Makelainen
Revive. Restore. Reset 2018

"Chances are "Revive. Restore. Reset" will be nothing like you anticipate - instead it will take you on a most unexpected journey. It will not always be easy, often overwhelming, pushing you beyond your comfort zones, and ultimately reminding you of what it means to be human. It is really about Whole Living and Loving. My own experience of the course could be summed up with another 3 words. Connection. Community. And cooking with a 'small c' because without the other two as my foundation, the act of cooking is just work. "

Heather Kraima
Revive. Restore. Reset 2018

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and am sad that I'm now at the end. Thank you so much Jude, the course content has exceeded my expectations and you have been absolutely wonderful. You are such an inspiration to me! Do you have dates for when the other online courses will run? I will definitely be signing up for them."

Tara Arcobelli
Revive. Restore. Reset 2018

"I love how well structured the information is in this course. And very easy to understand. I am in love with your video recipes, keep coming back to them all the time."

Ira Akhmetshyna
Revive. Restore. Reset 2018

"I have been working through the Revive, Restore, Reset online program and I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude. I cannot begin to comprehend the amount of work involved in putting the class together. Thank you for giving so much of yourself. This particular course could not have come at a more perfect time for me, as I am living in London for a few months while my husband is working here. Consequently, I have had to start a new journey of sourcing our food, becoming familiar with new/different produce and growers/suppliers and cooking to suit the climate! While exciting, it has also been an unsettling time, and I have found the course really comforting and grounding. Returning to these core principles has reminded me why I invest the time and make nourishing myself, and my partner, a priority. And I love, love, love the spirituality side too. The way you write and teach and share your experiences lights me up inside. "

Alicia Volante
Revive. Restore. Reset 2018

"I love reading the comments and questions at the end of each section...and have enjoyed just being transported to Singapore and back! It’s so reassuring and affirming to know that we all have our own same, or variations of , a can of worms! Thank you Jude!!!!!"

Nicky Cooper
Revive. Restore. Reset 2018

"So grateful for this course and your passion for wholefoods, organics and especially biodynamics has helped to reignite mine."

Cathy Stevens
Revive. Restore. Reset 2018

A little bit about me

As a pioneer, leader and respected authority of the wholefoods industry, I’ve been living a wholefood life long before ‘wholefood’ was a buzzword for healthy living. It’s taken me years to learn what I know, but a lifetime to truly understand what I know and place it within a wholistic framework.

I’ve always believed that food is not something that simply stops us from feeling hungry. It is exactly the same as love, an elemental human need and together, they sustain and nourish the body and the soul. It is never just about the food we eat. It is always about nourishing both the body and soul and this philosophy is at the heart of what I call a wholistic approach.

Yes, it’s a jungle out there, with so much confusing information telling you what wholesome, healthy, ethical and sustainable eating is all about. I love giving you the information and practical tools that you need to carve an achievable path through it all.  

My wholistic approach condenses everything that I’ve learnt, practiced and refined over 20 years of teaching and writing 5 bestselling, award-winning wholefood books. I adore it when my students report the positive changes for the better in their lives. I know it works, and I know that it will effect delicious, nourishing changes for you and those you love, far more easily than you may think possible.


How long do I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access to the materials and all materials can be accessed across any and all devices.

Is this class suitable for all dietary intolerances?

Yes!! I’m the woman you need with years of experience and leadership in this area… there is always a nourishing solution for you. If you have an intolerance (for example, dairy or gluten) this course is still 100% perfect for you. If you still feel unsure, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer questions about your specific situation.


Do you have any other questions or you're still not 100% sure that this class is right for you? 

Let's chat! I'm really happy to answer them for you. Simply click here and I will respond asap!   


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