Welcome to my wholefood kitchen. Let's build strong, happy and healthy lives from the ground up with nutrient dense and delicious wholefood. 


First up, I'm going to tell you how it really is.
Wholesome and healthy eating is not about the hundreds of quick fixes out there (#crazysocialmedia), such as the chia pudding, green smoothie, kale chips. Nor is it about being vegetarian, vegan, paleo or raw.
There are no magic bullets.

I'm not going to give you a quick fix because I know from years of experience that doesn't work. My wholistic approach is grounded in decades of knowledge.

What you really need is to know the 'why' and the 'how'.
Know why with core wholefood principles (aka lost wisdom) that provide your firm foundations. Know how (aka skills) give you the confidence to apply them in your everyday life. Together they empower you to build strong, happy and well nourished lives from the inside out and the ground up.

Hello, I’m Jude Blereau... 

I’ve been living a wholefood life long before ‘wholefood’ was a buzzword for healthy eating! I had a wholefood café way before its time, and written five bestselling and award winning cookbooks on the subject. As a pioneer, leader and respected authority in the wholefoods industry, I've been teaching naturopaths, nutritionists, doctors and food coaches and the general public, for over 25 years now.

I've seen so many food fads come and go. I've been around the block and pretty much whatever it is, I’ve been there, seen it or done it! I know what really works and what really counts when it comes to building the nourished life that you want. 

 vegetarian • vegan • wheat free • gluten free • low gluten • egg free • nut free • dairy free 
with 25 years of experience, I'm your girl!

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I've created this online platform because its the best way I know to take you on this adventure with me and get the information—that really counts and really works—into your hands.


"I am loving the content that you are creating. I have been looking for this type of course for years. Every time I google searched for this type of online cooking tutorials it was never based in whole foods, nor was it clear. I feel like I dreamt you up! When I found you, I got very excited. I have also just got my hands on your cookbook. I’m really getting into it. I made Ghee for the first time and the meals that I’m prepping for my baby are much more wholistic. Thank you for putting your beautiful message out there. I’m loving it!!"

Lauren Elyan

"I so enjoyed sharing the experience of online learning with everyone. Hoping to join you again next year perhaps in Flavours and Baking. Thank you dear Jude for making 2018 such a memorable one for me!"

Heather Kraima

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