Feel at Home in the Wholefood Kitchen



You care about what you and those you love eat. You know and want this to matter.... BUT!


When it comes to putting this into action, it's time consuming and often tricky to source and cook, not to mention expensive!

There are just so many conflicting theories about what's healthy, you can end up eating one way this week and another the week after, depending on who you listen to and what you've read! It can be so darn overwhelming and downright confusing at times (#crazysocialmedia).

Not to mention the ingredient you bought that you don't know how to use and sits on the pantry shelf (LOL).

In the end those good intentions go flying out the window, you often give up or even become afraid of what to eat!

Together we can change all that. 

Imagine feeling confident in your choices and abilities, and knowing you are on the right track (even when those around you think you're crazy!)

Know What, Why & How.


No matter what stage of your wholefood journey you are, it's always about the what, why and how. 

My classes give you the 'KNOW WHY' (aka forgotten nourishing wisdom), which ground and anchor your choices and direction in a busy modern life. You'll also get the 'KNOW HOW' (aka forgotten skills of cooking), giving you the confidence to tackle and even master the art of wholefood cooking. 

Knowledge and skills to use every time you step into the kitchen and pass down to the next generation. 



It's Simpler Than You May Think

When you know what, why and how, it's just all so much easier, cheaper, quicker and doable.

Neither do you need all the bells and whistles, you can cook great food in the simplest of kitchens.

You'll feel at home in your kitchen once again, confident and able to find some of the joy in all of it again. (Because, let's be honest, this whole "nourishing yourself and those you love gig" can be so daunting at times and some days we are just seriously over it!) 


Hello and welcome,  I’m Jude Blereau... 


I'm about keeping it real, embracing the perfection of imperfection, flowers, growing some food, kitchen thrift, cakes, a good cup of tea, living a whole life and walking lightly on the earth. 

I believe that it’s not the food itself that makes it good or bad but the way in which we grow, produce and prepare it, and the context in which we eat it.

I believe in food that can nourish both body and soul; that joy and deliciousness are nutrients in their own right. #sweetnessisnotadirtyword

I believe in caring how we grow our food and what we eat; standing strong as a generation of women and men who know and want this to matter; passing a vibrant food culture to the next generation.

I believe that we have forgotten what and how to eat; in drawing upon the nourishing wisdom from past traditions to help build strong foundations for our modern lives.

I've written five bestselling and award winning cookbooks on the subject. As a pioneer, leader and respected authority in the wholefoods industry, I've been teaching naturopaths, nutritionists, doctors and food coaches and the general public, for over 26 years now.

I'd love to join you in the kitchen as friend, mother or aunt, passing on some of the wisdom and skills that are at risk of being lost, so that wholesome, real and yummy food is no longer overwhelming or daunting, but totally doable. 

x Jude

 vegetarian • vegan • wheat free • gluten free • low gluten • egg free • nut free • dairy free 
with over 28 years of experience, I'm your girl!

"I need to tell you what a profound effect you have had on our family. Not only have you brought deliciousness into our home and more joy, you have taken away the fear of food. This last one is particularly important. I have been doing a lot of my own self-study the past few years; reading books, textbooks, listening to podcast etc about nutrition and food. I had become so fearful of eating. Judging everything I put into my mouth, so much was bad for me and my family. According to these experts, I had to source weird and wonderful foods from the far reaches of the globe in order to be healthy. I was exhausted and all I really wanted was a delicious lasagne (a big no-no full of the bad stuff lol). Anyway, after I found you everything started falling into place. As a society, we are no long healthy. We are missing something and it's not about finding the magic fruit from the jungles of Borneo or cutting our dairy."

Lauren Elyan
Sydney NSW

"At the beginning of the year I felt the direction for me and my family was one of Restoration. We’ve been through a lot personally and part of restoring a big part of our life is to eat well. I was thinking (and praying) recently that I wished that I had a Mum or grandmother figure come and help me in the kitchen where I can learn the skills, watch how things are done and gain knowledge and inspiration. So I really think you were the answer to my prayer. "

Eileen Stead

"Jude your course has saved me so much time to spend with my little family on a weekly basis. I’ve made an effort to get to know my growers more than just buying from them at my farmers markets. My fridge is full at the start of the week with many options for tasty and nutritious meals and I’ve even got my husband quoting...add a little deliciousness ;) thank you for transforming my kitchen and life."

Kellie Douglas

"As a 49 year old mother of three who's come to my food journey later in life, I discovered Jude's cookbooks several years ago and have since had her as my constant companion in my kitchen and indeed my life. It's not just her incredible knowledge and understanding of food and what we eat and how we eat it that makes her special, but how it is combined with her experience and wisdom and her own philosophy, not just on food but on how to live a full and well life in the busy world we all live in today."

Nicky Cooper
Northern NSW

"Jude's recipes are resourceful and seasonal, and she honours the natural cycles to make sure that her food is densely nutritious and in harmony with what is available at the time. I found this perspective invaluable and I use this knowledge daily to balance my meals. Watching and learning from Jude reinforced my train in nutrition and, as a Naturopath, I felt inspired to share this with my clients."

Brooke Jenkins
Katooma NSW

Let's Stay in Touch!


I believe in keeping it real and I’d love to share that with you. I also believe in imperfection, knowing why and how, roses, growing even a small bit of food, kitchen thrift, cakes, tea, living a whole life, staying deliciously well nourished and walking lightly on the earth.

I will keep you updated with the classes and also share with you my deeper thoughts on some of my favourite wholefood topics. ♥️ Jude


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