Through my books, I hope to think that I can join you in the kitchen as mother, friend or perhaps a favourite aunt, passing on some of the knowledge, wisdoms and recipes that are at such risk of being lost. I look forward to seeing you there.

Wholefood from the Ground Up


Wholefood from the ground up distills Jude’s wealth of knowledge into one incredible guide. In addition to more than 120 nourishing recipes there is clear information about
what constitutes ‘good’ food; where to source it and how 
to use it to its best effect. There is also a guide to building a wholefood pantry from scratch as well as practical tips for planning and preparing food ahead.

‘Jude’s latest creation weaves her deep love of food and time-honoured cooking techniques with her profound depth of knowledge. This thorough, thoughtful and inspiring cookbook can be anyone’s beginning to whole, healthy, conscious eating. what a delicious place to start!’ 
Sarah Britton, Holistic Nutritionist and author of My New Roots

‘This book is a welcome reminder of how good it feels to slow down, cook and nourish others and ourselves with whole and real food.’
Amy Chaplin, best-selling author of At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

‘Jude’s honest, practical tips and mouth-watering recipes ooze the kind of knowledge one only gets from truly living the wholefood life.’ 
Emma Galloway, author of My Darling Lemon Thyme


I don't have any more copies, and it is out of print. You may be able to find one online. 

Wholefood Baking


Australian Category for Baking and Dessert in the Gourmand World Book Awards, 2014

This book is about getting the best result using the most wholesome ingredients and balancing that with deliciousness. With over 120 fail-safe recipes using whole flours and natural sugars, this is the ideal cookbook for those with allergies or intolerances, or those simply looking for healthier versions of their classic baking favourites.

Jude’s recipes include cakes, scones, biscuits and pastries as well as delectable creams, icings and jams, many of which are gluten-, nut- and dairy-free and use whole and semi-refined flours and sugars. Together with advice on how to convert your favourite recipes using whole ingredients, Wholefood Baking is a must for those who want their baked goods to heal, nourish and delight.

'Jude’s perspective is a refreshing one: that baking and health are not mutually exclusive! … This collection will inspire lifelong bakers and rolling pin rookies alike to break out of the white flour mould and try something new – and healthier – without sacrificing a single thing. I can’t wait to get bakin
Sarah Britton, Holistic Nutritionist and author of My New Roots 

'Finally, a book that gracefully combines nutrient-rich, whole grain flours, minimal sweeteners and seasonal produce in a collection of irresistible recipes that are perfect for any occasion. These are the kind of cakes, scones and muffins I crave—homemade, wholesome and delicious!' 
Amy Chaplin,  At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

'Wholefood Baking is an essential book for every baker’s shelf. The purpose of the book is two-fold: to nourish the body with less-refined flours and sugar, but to also tend to the soul, by allowing sweetness to have a place in a wholesome lifestyle… Jude herself says, ‘Food is a deeply joyful and delicious part of life, especially sweetness.’ I couldn’t agree more.' 
Sarah Kieffer, The Vanilla Bean Baking Book 

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Wholefood for Children


Australian Food Media Award:
Sydney Markets Award for Best Health or Specific Diet Book – Highly Commended, 2010

Loved and trusted by thousands, this best selling book is Australia’s go to book for raising young children and the gift of choice for those raising a family. It almost feels as if Jude is in the kitchen there with you guiding you along babies development from 6 months through to 7 years. But this is not just for the very young, but the whole family. It’s also a very popular book for those with gluten and dairy intolerances, as the principles are the same.

'Jude does such a beautiful job of inspiring people to strive to create a delicious food culture, anchored in real food, in their own home. I’ll be buying this book for a long list of friends.' 
Heidi Swanson Super Natural Cooking


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Coming Home to Eat


This incredibly popular second book from Jude contains many family favourites.

'Jude Blereau’s mission is to get us all eating wholesome, high-nutrition, home-cooked food at every meal. That’s a big ask, given Australians seem to be happy to waddle in ever greater numbers along the road to obesity and its related health woes.

Well, once you have sorted out which route you want to go down – omnivore, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and so on – Blereau has all the information and recipes you need.

Her ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, snacks and accompaniments, jams and chutneys, and – (thank heavens) things for the pudding plate and cake tins – are full of tasty ingredients that provide all the fuel body requires.

And if you’re confused about what constitutes healthy eating, the rules are quite simple. Blereau, explains them clearly and concisely, and provides a sensible guide to shopping, budgeting, preparation and storage.

Time, of course, is the great leveller here – time to source the right food, time to prepare and cook it, time to enjoy it, and the time it takes to get results.'
Susan Bugg, Herald Sun


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Heal, Nourish, Delight


Jude’s first bestselling book is an introduction to her pioneering wholefood philosophy - celebrating food that has the ability to heal, nourish and delight.

It introduces readers to the basic wholefoods and different ways to prepare them – fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans and legumes (including tofu and tempeh), sea vegetables, natural sweeteners and good quality fats.

Centered around these basics are inspiring recipes that have withstood the test of time. From simple salads to slow-cooked stews, many of which cater for vegan, vegetarian and gluten intolerant, the book also contains some fabulous meat dishes and a delicious desserts and baking section.

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