Get Organised

Your real life master plan for being deliciously well nourished, even on the busiest of days


Once you learn the steps of my 'Get Organised' method, you're ready to begin building your own nourishing week ahead, step by step. You can ditch the overwhelm and stress, and use your precious time for something you love!


Grounded in core wholefood principles. Get Organised is your master plan for building a less stressful, wholesome and delicious week ahead.

We will explore...


How to meal plan so that foundational wholefood principles are inbuilt into your week. Reduce your food costs and walk lightly on the earth with less waste. 



I'll show you where to invest your time to reap the biggest rewards. We dive into my favourite power strategies to help minimise your effort and maximise the end results.  



Snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with structure. Ditch the overwhelm and free up space in your brain for the things you love. It's how to get the wholesome into your busyness



It's time to get cooking! We're replacing our pen and paper and stepping into the kitchen, preparing food to nourish both body and soul, and bringing the pleasure back into the doing so. 


I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt, practiced and refined over 20 years of teaching, writing 5 bestselling, award-winning wholefood books and condensed them into a Wholistic Meal Planning System that I know works. It will effect delicious, nourishing changes, far more easily than you may think possible.

Come into the kitchen with me

Cooking is a learnt skill, especially so with whole and real food. You get a front row seat in ten high quality in-depth cooking videos that bring you right into the kitchen with me, up close and personal. I'm cooking from scratch, we start with the basics and then form them into delicious, wholesome and nourishing meals. This is some of what we will be cooking below!

Get Organised



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Start today and get a headstart on the class, then jump on-board for the next live round*


Cook With Me

Come into the kitchen with me as I cook ten recipes from scratch, step by step, showing you the little tips and tricks that make a huge difference.

Resources and Tools

Comprehensive notes and handy reference guides: Get Organised Master Plan Workbook, Recipe Collection, Seasonal Guide and much more!


Make new friends and connections,  support each other as you progress through the class on our much loved, super easy to use and well received class platform.

Accessible 24/7

With lifetime access, login to your class whenever it suits you, from anywhere in the world and work at your own pace.

* In live rounds of Get Organised you have me on tap for support and answer any questions you might have. In the live webinars we explore topics even deeper, which helps to give you a better understanding of the broader and bigger picture. I love questions—it means you are hungry to learn—and I'll happily answer them in the webinars and in our members only Facebook group. I'll let you know when a live round is coming up, with the option of buying an upgrade at a special price.

Sound familiar?...

Get Organised has been created with YOU in mind and designed to get you out of stuckness, confusion and overwhelm.



Are you ready to Get Organised?


"Your course has saved me so much time to spend with my little family on a weekly basis. I’ve made an effort to get to know my growers more than just buying from them at my farmers markets. My fridge is full at the start of the week with many options for tasty and nutritious meals and I’ve even got my husband quoting...add a little deliciousness ;) thank you for transforming my kitchen and life."

Kellie Douglas
Get Organised 2018

"Your creation is wonderful and the quality of your videos is a pleasure to watch. Thank you for all the time you have taken to put this course together! I will be recommending this course to all my friends and family!"

Janine Farrow
Get Organised 2018

"Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your wisdom and experience. Your courses are an important part of my own personal journey, helping me to once again embrace 'joy and deliciousness' and to not worry about making 'perfect' food choices, worrying about everything I put in my mouth."

Cathy Stevens
Get Organised 2018

"Impatiently waiting for the next instalment tomorrow!! Definitely inspiring me to get organised in the kitchen"

Louise Wonnocott
Get Organised 2018

A little bit about me

As a pioneer, leader and respected authority of the wholefoods industry, I’ve been living a wholefood life long before ‘wholefood’ was a buzzword for healthy living. It’s taken me years to learn what I know, but a lifetime to truly understand what I know and place it within a wholistic framework.

I’ve always believed that food is not something that simply stops us from feeling hungry. It is exactly the same as love, an elemental human need and together, they sustain and nourish the body and the soul. It is never just about the food we eat. It is always about nourishing both the body and soul, and this philosophy is at the heart of what I call a wholistic approach.

Yes, it’s a jungle out there, with so much confusing information telling you what wholesome, healthy, ethical and sustainable eating is all about. I love giving you the information and practical tools that you need to carve an achievable path through it all.  

My wholistic approach condenses everything that I’ve learnt, practiced and refined over 20 years of teaching and writing 5 bestselling, award winning wholefood books. I adore it when my students report the positive changes for the better in their lives. I know it works, and I know that it will effect delicious, nourishing changes for you and those you love, far more easily than you may think possible.


Do the meals need lots of time to prepare?

Let me reshuffle how you spend your plan, shop, prep and cook time! Invest your time where it really counts, put my power strategies into play and reap the rewards and transform your week ahead. (Oh and did I say save your precious time and brain space for something you love? )

I'm already menu planning? Is this course for me? 

The first three keystones of this five module class are dedicated to comprehending my Get Organised masterplan framework. Whilst meal planning is a part of that method my power strategies will take you deeper to a whole new level, ensuring you are truly well nourished in both body and soul. In week 4, come into the kitchen as I go through the sample meal plan. 

I'm vegetarian or autoimmune (or another differing dietary need)... is this course suitable for me?

Whilst you receive a sample meal plan (with recipes and videos), once you learn the steps of my method you will easily go onto building your own meal plans weekly, based on your dietary needs and whether you are a family of six or just one.

Is this class suitable for all dietary intolerances?

Yes!! I’m the woman you need with years of experience and leadership in this area… there is always a nourishing solution for you. If you have an intolerance (for example, dairy or gluten) this course is still 100% perfect for you. If you still feel unsure, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer questions about your specific situation. 

What sort of meals will you be covering?

The recipes within the sample meal plan represent a balanced week of eating. I'm going to show you how to make power basics such as a good stock, proper mayonnaise, the best poached eggs, wholegrains and legumes that are easily digestible. We are then going to turn those into great meals that will serve you throughout the week whether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack in between.  Next on the list is a nourishing and comforting chicken dinner that allows for left overs, brilliant fritters that will save you time and time again, and yes, the perfect pastry.

Do you have any other questions or you're still not 100% sure that this class is right for you? 

Let's chat! I'm really happy to answer them for you. Simply click 'contact' below and I will respond asap!   


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