Traditional food preservation skills to nourish your modern life.


Our Grannies and Nanna's knew a thing or two about food security, reducing food costs and wastage. Now, more than ever, it's time to restore the forgotten skill of preserving. 


Become more self-sufficient, transform your leftovers, windfalls, seconds and surplus of the seasons into brilliant food you'll have on hand all year round.



Preserving is more than pretty jars of food. It is a cornerstone of walking a truly sustainable and wholefood path. It's also one of the most satisfying of food skills, builds resilience, food security and a deep connection to the nature and the seasons.

The older generation sure knew that preserving is the heart and soul of kitchen thrift, with a waste-not, want-not attitude to boot!

They also knew preserving to be one of the best investments of time and money into their future.

In this class I'll break down the age old art and science of food preservation. Sadly, a lot of preserving is dumbed down these days; I'm not going to do that. I will teach you step by step the information and techniques you need to preserve and transform the leftovers and bargains into brilliant food you'll have on hand all year long.

And most importantly, I'll teach you how to do it safely and confidently.

Think jams (without a whole lot of sugar), pickles, relishes, chutneys, bottled fruit, and more. 

Whether you're just a wholefood beginner, home cook, backyard gardener, urban dweller or homesteader, or an experienced foodie who wants to learn how to transform your seasonal favourites into bottled treasures, then this class is perfect for you!




Preserving 101

The why and how of preserving. We look at preserving agents salt, sugar and vinegar in depth, preserving techniques, choosing ingredients and the all important issue of acidity. We also address the issue of time and small batch preserving.

Jars and Lids, Hot and Boiling Water Baths

Along with the issue of acidity, the jars and lids you use are one of the most important issues in preserving. We'll also cover when and when not to sterilise and demystify the hot and boiling water bath technique.


The easiest of all preserving, bringing a wonderful acidic bite to a ploughman's plate, cheese and paté, or just damn fine in a sandwich.

Relish & Chutney

Just like the jewellery we use to accessorise an outfit, relishes and chutneys can add the finishing touch to a dish, sandwich or meal. 

Low Sugar Jam

An in-depth guide at what it takes to make low sugar jam, where technique is just as important as the ingredients. This is jam you'll love and feel good about eating. ❤️

Bottled Fruit in the Hot or Boiling Water Bath

Bottled fruits are your secret superpower, so that you have a quick snack or the makings of cake, dessert or pie at your fingertips. 

Tomatoes, Passata and Ketchup

Tomatoes of all descriptions preserved in glass, not plastic lined cans!!! Now, that's a win in anyones book. Plus the best tomato 'sauce' ever....

Late Summer Preserving

What to make with late season offerings such as plums, early windfall apples and pears...

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Preserving the Season




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Begin today and get a head start on the class, work through it at your own pace, and explore the the glorious world of preserving. Then jump on board for the next live round *


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* In live rounds of Preserving the Season you have me on hand for support, coaching and any questions you may have. I'm fully available to hold your hand, and help you in live webinars (with replays), email, comment section and private FB group. We will also use our webinar and FB group to explore topics more deeply. I'll let you know when a live round is coming (scheduled for October 2021), with the option of purchasing an upgrade (along with access to any special bonus offers).

"Thanks Jude! So, did my first jamming yesterday, Strawberry, Peach, and Davidson Plum Jan. My 4 and 6-year-old girls helped me. I made 1 kg lots of each. The peach had a little leftover which was eaten very quickly! My girls and hubby already want some for breakfast today, will have to make more! Kinda can't believe I did it and it worked. So excited to start some pickles soon. Have a dream of a pantry of beautiful jars and sharing yummies with friends and family..."

Kathryn Fischer
Preserving the Season 2019

"Very excited to grab a tray of organic mangoes for only$20 yesterday! Today I made Mango Chutney. Still over half a tray left, might make another batch tomorrow if we don't eat them first. Thanks, Jude for the great videos. Being able to reference the mango chutney video throughout the process was so valuable."

Cathy Stevens
Preserving the Season 2019

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You're in safe and experienced hands.

I'm Jude Blereau. As a pioneer, leader and respected authority in the wholefoods industry, I've been teaching naturopaths, nutritionists, doctors, food coaches and the general public for over 28 years now. I've also written five bestselling and award winning cookbooks on the subject, along with several online programs.

My preserving journey started some 40 or so years ago. I was so excited to buy my 'new and improved' Vacola unit second hand from a lady who'd been using it for her family (it was electric- not stove top!) When I bought it, I felt as if our two families had become one.

Nessie my daughter would be in charge of checking the glass jars had no chips and putting the rubber rings on. We used the laundry cupboard to store all these glorious jars of bottle fruit that were a godsend for a single mum's budget, in winter and with a hungry growing child.

Since then, my repetoire has vastly expanded to include jams, chutneys, relishes, sauces. I particularly love the flexibility that bottling gives you in making wholesome, low sugar options.

I can't wait to share it all with you so you too experience the many benefits of preserving.

x Jude

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Preserving the Seasons class comes with:

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(Value if you were to come to 7 day face to face class $1,800).



Do I have to outlay a lot of money of equipment?

You will need to build up a stock of jars and lids but honestly, these are not as expensive as you think and can be picked up cheaply at many large discount stores such as Big W in Australia. The Ball Mason system has a brilliant starter kit for $AUD149.00, which includes the pot, cradle, jars, tongs and a lot of other good tools. This will last you for your lifetime and beyond! I go through this in the class. Second hand options are also a very good way to go, and I go through using a stock pot in the class also.  

How long do I have access to the program?

You have lifetime access to the materials and the class can be accessed across any and all devices.

Will we be covering fermentation?

No, this is not a class on fermentation but I will refer to it when we talk about acid. I will be focusing on the preserving mechanisms of sugar, replacing refined sugars with unrefined and semi-refined sugars, vinegar, salt and especially the hot and boiling water bath. 

I don't have a lot of time. Is this workable for me?

Once you understand the process, preserving is remarkably efficient and much quicker than you may think. I'll show you how to fit it into your schedule. 

I’m vegan or vegetarian, or have allergies and intolerances. Is this class right for me?

Yes, preserving is the original real deal –vegan, vegetarian, gluten, dairy and or nut free!  



Do you have any other questions or you're still not 100% sure that this class is right for you? 

Let's chat! I'm really happy to answer them for you. Simply click here and I will respond asap!   

Traditional food preservation skills to nourish your modern life.




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